Lips Embroidery

Ombre Lips

Luscious lips can be achieved with our process. You can choose to have lip liner, full lip color, fuller upper lip. Lip liner is just that, it outlines the lips and you can use your lipstick cover of choice with the enhancements of the liner. If you are looking for full lip color, there would be no need for continually applying lipstick as your lips would already have the color you are after. If you are after corrections, we can touch up the imperfections of previous work you had done.

Maintaining the perfect lip shape in these challenging circumstances is both time-consuming and repetitive, involving serial reapplications of lip liner and lipstick. But now there is an alternative to this predicament: Ombre Lip Perfection treatment. Instantly making you look refreshed and younger, this treatment takes your smile to its lip-magnifying potential.