Eyelash Extension

3D Korean Eyelash Extension

3D Extension that is thicker, darker, and curler than your natural eyelash are being attached to each natural lash. Classic one by one extensions technique brings your eyes to stand out gorgeosly and no one can tell they are not REAL!

6D Wawa Eyelash Extension

its new eyelash extension technique discovered in Russia and now spreading in Asia and Europe. For the clients with thick and strong natural eyelashes Great Extensions offers extremely big volume until 3 times bigger than your natural eyelashes. We can volumize natural lashes 4-6 times.

Camellia Eyelash Extension

Camellia Volume is a newly Innovated technique using premium, fine, and light weight materials in our handmade fans to create a gentle, dense and more natural look. Perfect quality paired with technique and glue makes the extensions last longer then traditional application methods.

Camellia Lashes are an amazing lash, these beauties fan amazingly and make Volume Lashing so much easier! Not only are they easier to work with they have better retention and are better for the natural lash then the regular volume fans! These lashes are staggered mix in lengths. One row contains 3 different lengths. 16 rows per tray

9D Flutter Eyelash Extension

This method gives you opportunity to have Fake Lashes effect 24/7. Women with strong, more coarse natural lashes will be able to maintain this volume long-term. 9D Volume lashes allows to have especially big volume on eyelashes even for those clients who has rare natural eyelashes.